AxioLogic GmbH is a software company based in Altendorf, Switzerland. Our expertise is focused on the following:

  • - Full-stack software development
  • - System and software architecture
  • - Agile methodologies
  • - Governance and consulting
  • - Outsourcing

To achieve the best cost-performance ratio, we offer a balanced combination of on-site and nearshore resources. Please take a look at our vision and services below, and don't hesitate to contact us.
We believe that outsourcing is a vital component of software development in the highly competitive and dynamic business environment of today.

It's generally known that outsourcing isn't an easy option. We have learned from our vast experience that the majority of problems related to outsourcing are caused by miscommunications, misaligned expectations and suboptimal distribution of responsibilities. There are various gaps between the parties: geographical, cultural, procedural, technological etc., and the price of bridging these gaps may well exceed any benefits secured by outsourcing.

Our time-proven solution to this problem is based on two key elements:
  • - Working with near-shore specialists to eliminate geographical and cultural gaps;
  • - Combining local and remote resources to eliminate all other gaps.

We employ highly skilled nearshore developers that offer top-notch services at a reasonable price and, at the same time, we provide on-site consultants to work alongside client teams and manage nearshore colleagues. In other words, we provide outsourcing services while releasing our customers from all the problems related to outsourcing.

Therefore we prefer to call it "Co-sourcing".

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Our services
We integrate our on-site specialists into client teams. Those specialists work side-by-side with the clients, thoroughly scrutinize their environment and needs, and learn to think the same way as the clients do.

As a result of this collaboration, our specialists are able to transform clients' requests, both formal and informal, into work packages for our nearshore developers.
Those developers are able to do design, coding, testing – everything required to develop high-quality software.
Our on-site specialists manage nearshore projects in all development stages.
The development process is absolutely transparent and clearly documented.

Simply put, our customers get resources they need, while avoiding organizational problems they don't need.

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